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How To Choose A New Tub Surround

A new tub surround can transform the look of any outdated bathroom and provide you with a high-quality surround that will last for decades to come. Since the bathroom in your house is one of the most visited rooms by both you and your guests, you will want to ensure it gives off a great first impression. Today, we are going to look at the necessary steps to take when choosing your new tub surround.

How To Choose A New Tub Surround
How To Choose A New Tub Surround

Know Your Measurements

While many tubs are going to be of a standard size, it only takes a few minutes to measure to give your contractor measurements for a quote. This will allow them to determine what type of materials you can choose from and how much you will need. Many contractors will come out and measure for themselves and review your design needs.

Select A Matching Surround

Depending on what type of renovation you are doing, solely tub surround or full bathroom, you will want to pick a surround material that is going to match your bathroom. Your contractor can assist you in picking the best materials for your specific application that matches the design of your bathroom.

Do You Have Any Structural Constraints?

Depending on how your bathroom is configured, you may have a structural constraint that will need to be addressed by your contractor. Windows, fixtures, and irregular wall sizes will need to be considered when choosing your new tub surround.

Tub Surround Installation In Waco, Texas

If you are wanting a new tub surround installed in Waco, Texas, trust the experts at Custom Shower Stallers. Since 2003, Custom Shower Stallers has been providing customers with the highest-quality materials and best customer service in the industry. To get a free, no-obligation quote on your tub surround install, fill out our online quote form.


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