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5 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The bathroom of a home is one of the most used homes, making it one of the easiest to get dirty as well. With daily use, hot and cold temperature differences, and moisture in the air, it’s easy for a bathroom’s cleanliness to get out of control quickly. While a dirty bathroom is a terrible first impression and an eye sore, it can also harbor a perfect environment for mold growth. Custom Shower Stallers, a leading custom shower installation company in Waco, Texas, has put together a few tips to help you keep your bathroom clean.

Bathroom Renovation Waco Texas

Coat Shower Walls & Doors With Water Repellant

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to help prevent moisture buildup and mold growth is to coat the shower walls and doors with a water repellant. Products like Rain-X will allow water to bead up and slide right down the walls of your shower to prevent hard water stains and moisture buildup.

Organize Your Cabinets

By keeping your bathroom cabinets organized, all of your items you use in your bathroom will have a specific place to go when finished. While this may be a learning process for younger kids, and some adults, building this habit can help you keep your bathroom clean and organized after each use.

Have Enough Towel Bars

Walking into a bathroom with wet towels strung throughout the place not only can damage fragile fixings, it also gives your bathroom a terrible look. Investing in more towel bars will ensure that after each bath, your guests or family members will have a place to hang their wet towels to dry.

Use Long Lasting Cleaners

Cleaners are one area that you do not want to skimp on when buying items for your home. Cheap cleaners may get the job done, but they will not have the same long-lasting effect as many other cleaners do. Purchasing long lasting cleaners will allow you to go longer between cleans and keep your bathroom cleaner, longer.

Keep Cleaning Wipes Near

Stash a canister of disinfecting wipes in your bathroom cabinets to always have them on hand. These wipes can make quick work of any type of cleaning in just seconds. By making it a habit to use one every night or morning, you can assure that your bathroom will always stay clean.

Custom Shower Installation In Waco, Texas

One way to keep your bathroom looking better than ever is to remodel or renovate. Adding a new custom shower can help transform your bathroom and give it a much needed facelift. At Custom Shower Stallers, we can help you design and install a new shower in your bathroom. To get a free quote, fill out our online quote form.


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